NEWS: 2007-01-11

  • Documentation updates
  • Bug fix: invalid css location with common-lisp-controller.
  • Bug fix: wrong handling of char case with package intern
  • HTML Documentation updated.

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CLDOC description CLDOC is made for those who have already documented their Common Lisp source code using all the standard documentation and don't want to copy paste the whole stuff in some other complicated outside document. It reads lisp source files and generates documentation using the selected output driver without any initial source modification.

It currently has an HTML driver that generates XHTML 1.0 Strict. This HTML driver has some simple DWIM (Do What I Mean) capabilities using the doctree string parser facilities.

Unlike Albert it does not allow programmers to insert comments at the source code level which are incorporated into the generated documentation. Its goal was not to produce a LispDoc ala JavaDoc but to create a simple and easy way to take advantage of the Lisp documentation strings. So instead of copying and pasting it in some commentary section with extra special documentation tool markup stuff, the idea was to find an elegant way of parsing the doc string.

To get started for documentation extraction see the extract-documentation generic function.

This project has been mainly inspired by user_man from Mark Kantrowitz, the CSS file Gilbert Baumann made for McCLIM documentation and of course by the JavaDoc tool from Sun.

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